Rithmomachia Canada

Promoting Rithmomachia in Canada, and around the world!  Committed to rules codification, the promotion of tournaments, and the enjoyment of the game.

NEWS & Rules Codification

As we slowly begin our activities for 2021, we would like to thank Dr.Tomás Guardia of Gonzaga University.   He has generously taken time to share documentation relating to rules that have been tested in multiple  tournaments.   Rithmomachia Canada looks forward to ongoing conversations with Dr. Guardia   

We continue to work with individuals internationally to establish, and promote a standard set of rules.

Tournaments and Boards

Rithmomachia Canada is actively promoting tournaments in Canada and in Argentina (possilbly late fall 2021).   We are also in the process of creating a board for sale.

Our Store

We are pleased to announce that our new “collection” of merchandise is now availible for sale via Rithmomachia.Shop

Our team is working on expanding the range of products .  If there is something you are looking for that you cannot find, please let us know.  We can also create custom designs for special events (i.e. Rithmomachia World Championships 2021)


A knowledge of the battle of numbers is a source of enjoyment and of profit.  

John of SalisburyPolicraticus (1159)

Rithmomachia Canada

History of Rithmomachia

By the late 1600’s the game of Rithmomachia lost popularity across Europe.  Originally created as a teaching aid for monastery schools in the 11th century, the game has had a very interesting history.  It has been referenced over the years by such people as John of Salisbury (see quote), Roger Bacon (Communia mathematica), and Sir Thomas More (Utopia).  We will endeavour to provide links to interesting articles on the history of Rithmomachia.